Peace & Strength Healing Bracelet

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Peace, Energy, Stability (Chakra: Root)
Jasper brings energy, success, and connection to those who wear it.
Lava Stone
Strength (Chakra: Root)
The oldest stone in the world- Lava Stone allows the wearer to shed excess layers of emotional attachment, making it an incredible healer. It's depths-of-the-Earth origin grounds the wearer and provides calm yet fiery energy.
Motivation, Action, Vitality (Chakra: Heart)
Unakite balances the emotional body and fills the wearer with a feeling of love, compassion, and kindness.

Lotus and Luna bracelets are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans. Our bracelets are made with cotton cords, coconut shell clasps, semi-precious stones, and lots of positive vibes. Each bracelet has three different size options, so adjust to your perfect fit and snip off any excess cord.

Colors: Black, Green, Brown, Tan Cord

Materials: Jasper, Lava Stone, Unakite, 6mm Beads, Coconut Shell Button, and Adjustable 100% Cotton Cord

Collection: Healing 

Peace & Strength Healing Bracelet
Peace & Strength Healing Bracelet
Peace & Strength Healing Bracelet