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Why I Created a Design Room in my Boutique

Miranda Viehman

Posted on April 19 2018

Why I Created a Design Room in my Boutique

For a lot of people these days (and let’s be honest the planet that is Pinterest!) our homes are not just houses anymore. They are reflections of our selves. Walls that hold our families and memories inside of them; Sanctuaries for when we just need time to hide away from our chaos or busy lives, our homes can also become fun spaces to collect ideas or awaken our favorite design senses in how we furnish, decorate, re-decorate even organize our living spaces.

This all being said is why I had a vision and I am working hard to put that vision into action in the form of a Design Room in my high-end Consignment & Gifts Boutique. What I am learning throughout this experience is that every detail from display tables to shelving and even wall colors and textures are all critical details for how the space will look and feel for its shoppers. I want it to feel like Home!

What inspires me most about the Design Room theme I went with is the layout. The wall fixtures and quotation art are modern and perfectly arranged. The shelving I chose is open and clean giving every piece its very own display area to truly bring value to each carefully selected piece. The shape of the room is inviting. The farm table at the front of the space isn’t perfect; it has just the right amount of wear and tear and character that its contents look right at home atop its aged wood top. The green grass floral wall brings dimension and uniqueness to the room.

No matter where we get our inspiration ~ the people in our lives, social media pages we follow, our favorite Before & After TV series, Pinterest and more, the hope is that we can take those inspiring ideas and put them together in a way that reflects who we are and create an environment that is warm and inviting. I want to inspire people to look and feel and live their best lives and sometimes just sometimes that starts at home!



We are so proud and excited to reveal our NEW Design Room as we kick off this year’s Best Kept Secrets tour and what better way to celebrate our new space than our monthly Wine Down!

Stay Gorgeous,

XO Miranda


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