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The Top 5 Things I Look for in Selecting My Favorite Pieces

Miranda Viehman

Posted on October 20 2017

The Top 5 Things I Look for in Selecting My Favorite Pieces

When I travel the country in search of the PERFECT pieces there are a few things I look for. This is true for any modern boutique, too! When professional shoppers choose certain designers or pieces over others, it is not to say those not chosen aren’t fashionable per say, it is more about maintaining a high level of style and looks that meet a certain criteria. What are my Top 5 secrets to finding great clothes and accessories? Let’s jump in! 

Is it Cute?

With any great top, bottom or in between it has to be cute! Does it ruffle? Does it dart? Does it flatter any body type? What is so important is to picture the person wearing the piece smiling because they love what they are wearing! Following Trending fashions in magazines, Pinterest and other credible sources are some of the best ways to stay current with cute pieces and outfits. Saving the pictures on your mobile device is a great idea so you can look back later or when you need to put looks together!

Is it In-Style?

Some trends carry themselves into the next Season and sometimes…the next and the next! Others fizzle out after Season 1. After all who would have thought mules and overalls would have made a come back!? It is so important to stay in the “Know” and be able to choose styles that are going to look great on, not just from the racks! Fashion Week is a great time to see what is up and coming and what the best and brightest designers are up to. Traveling helps too. Sometimes a store will stock up on certain styles only to find they don’t sell in a certain geographic market. With online shopping now it makes it easier to spread great style across state and even country lines because they may not be in stores in other areas.

Price Points

Price is important to many shoppers who want to keep their closet fresh with the latest and greatest fashion trends. In order to do that any good retailer has to be aware of their investment and better yet be able to pass along a great price to their shoppers. A good technique sometimes can be to shop for the last Season at the beginning of the next Season. A lot of boutiques will mark down that inventory so to clear out for what is new and fresh for the next Season! Before you know it you’ve updated your entire closet with a one-stop-shopping trip. Upscale Consignment stores are a great place to do just that!   And after all EVERYONE loves a good deal on gorgeous fashion!

How it Feels

For many, clothes and accessories have to be comfortable. Whether you are on the go all day or have to switch from Day to Night with just one piece it is always more fun to be comfy. Some things I look for when it comes to Feel are: Seams. Do they hug anywhere in the wrong place? Material. Does it move with the person wearing it? Quality. Is it well made and will it last washing over and over? Can it be washed at home instead of mandatory dry cleaning? Is it too sheer or see-through when it shouldn’t be? In my years of Fashion experience I’ve learned that comfort for many is almost as important as how it looks on!

How it Looks

Obviously mirrors can be deceiving? When Cher tries on multiple outfits in the super fab chick-flick “Clueless” she doesn’t even rely on mirrors alone to see how her ensembles look on. Instead she uses a Polaroid (those are SO back, by the way!) and views it from a camera lens. In today’s digital age selfies can be just as good. Otherwise invest in a true-to-form and look mirror that does not deceive. So many times the mirror is lying and then bam! Another mirror comes along that tells a totally different story!   I will never forget my favorite mirror that had THE most perfect beveled edges which created a beyond flattering look anytime, any outfit! Looks are important from head to toe. If accessories are on point, tops and bottoms flow smoothly, even shoes can make or break an outfit. When all is said and done we want to feel great wearing our fashion finds but looking good is just as important!

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