Miranda's Top 3 Favorite Fall Trends

I don’t know about you, but when I think Fall I think cozy sweaters, warm drinks and fun activities basically that all include pumpkins! Fall is one of my favorite seasons for fashion design too. There is nothing like being able to mix and match patterns, colors and prints unlike most seasons because the weather stays warm enough to mix even some Summer pieces in with warmer pieces! What could be better than that?! This year we are especially obsessed with a few pieces that we could well, pretty much live in! Here I dive into each and how you can rock them on work days, casual days, lazy days and pretty much any day in between.


First favorite: Leopard Prints!

They came back .. again! My friend recently said “I’m so glad I saved my leopard print pieces from a few years ago because somehow it always seems to come back around and always with a bang. We love rocking our leopard in flowy tank tops, long cardigans and furry warm jackets. This print is especially fantastic because it can keep a casual outfit cool or top off a dressier look. With so many ways to wear this print we are happy to Welcome it back!


Next favorite: Camo Everything!

Is it just me or does camo literally make you feel like a rockstar when you wear it too!?! My boutique cannot keep camo pieces in stock for long. We love putting a cute camo tee with our favorite jeans and even a pair of great pumps for date night out! Camo is so versatile it looks great with black, white and every color in between. This season we stocked THE cutest camo jacket and it was sold out before we knew it! Camo is one of those looks that is fun and flirty at the same time and we hope it sticks around for seasons to come.


Always a favorite: Distressed Denims

This is one of our all-year-round go-to’s that I am constantly on the hunt to re-stock but also to keep my designers fresh. New to my boutique this year I discovered KanCan jeans and fell in love! They fit great and are a versatile look for every season. Distressed denim works for day to day routines, weekend tailgates and getaways, romantic nights, girls nights and more. The best part about distressed pieces is how they give an otherwise cute outfit that edge it needed to have people asking “where do you shop?” and welp, isn’t that our goal as fashionistas anyway?


Favorite footwear: Sneaker Wedges

OMG how do I say how in LOVE I am with sneaker wedges?! Whoever invented these deserves an award for sure. They are so fun and add that added height when you need it but with the comfort of that favorite pair of sneaks! We love solid color wedges but aren’t afraid to throw on a pair of leopard or design prints either. What is even better is how this shoe goes great with leggings, jeggings, skirts, shorts and more. What will the design world think of next?! We can’t wait!

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