Miranda’s Holiday Gifts Guide!

Miranda’s Holiday Gifts Guide!

If you are like me, giving gifts is my fave! Making my list? Not my fave! I hope this quick guide makes it easier for you as you begin (or if you are one of those early shoppers ha) OR wrap up your holiday shopping!


First Favorite – Jewelry!

Maybeeee I like RECEIVING this one and so I also love GIVING it, too! It can be cute bracelets, earrings or other sparkly accessories but there is nothing like giving my friends and family jewelry pieces they can wear all year ‘round. They are an easy gift generally speaking and there are SO many cute styles out now, which it makes it easy to find a great selection of different looks.


I always start locally, for me I like to see and feel gifts like this and pick them up from local shops to me. If that fails I will look online but ONLY after I’ve visited my favorite spots who I know and trust to carry the latest & greatest jewelry pieces to treat my favorite people!


Second Favorite – Home Gifts!

Even if you don’t know the exact style of the people in your life, there are so many great home gift options out there to fit anyone’s space! From cute kitchen accessories to hand soaps and lotions, decorative pillows and candles, the list goes on for how many great home pieces you can find! The other piece I can’t get enough of especially for gifts are great signs with sayings on them from fun to funny. Canvases, wood signs and more are all so great to give as gifts especially inspirational messages which are my absolute fave!


Third Favorite – Handbags!

So many [men] shoppers visit my boutique to pick out THE perfect handbags for the special women in their lives. It is so nice seeing them come in, ask for advice and shop our selection because they know how happy this gift will make their recipients! I have also helped moms shop for their daughters and friends shop for friends, the point is handbags (especially designer) are always a GREAT gift idea! Some of my favorite brands which I try to keep stocked are Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Gucci, Coach and More! Since most of us live in our handbags like Mary Poppins, these are sure to be great gifts for anyone in your life!

The holidays are an amazing time to give to the most special people in our lives. The joy gifts bring to them is so much fun to see! Making lists is definitely an easy way to make sure you find something for everyone and local shops are a great way to shop for some of the best gifts! We always have personal shoppers available so feel free to shop in and see what is new DAILY at my boutique!


Happy Shopping!



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