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Meet Miranda!

Miranda Viehman

Posted on September 29 2017

Meet Miranda!

Miranda Viehman doesn’t just dress the part everyday; she is poised to set the fashion scene on fire with her own Consignment, Gifts & Boutique Hello, Gorgeous!

Viehman took her passion for fashion to school and studied fashion, sewing and design and now holds an associate’s degree in marketing with plans to continue on to complete her bachelor’s. It was Miranda’s dream since Childhood to one day be a buyer for a store. She is now not only the buyer but the owner of her own boutique to mold and grow in her vision.

While rare to be a business owner at such a tender age, Viehman is proving that age is only a number. Her shop is styled and stocked with an eye on marketing and flow more akin to traditional department stores than to consignment shops. It is her penchant for quality that really raises the bar. Hello, Gorgeous! is far more interested in the quality of the product they stock rather than the quantity of merchandise.

Viehman’s part-time high school job quickly became a passion that she’s happily turned into a career. While the chance to choose and stock her favorite brands such as Louis Vuitton, Forever 21, Tory Burch and Talbots is exciting enough, her most sincere job satisfaction comes from dressing a woman in a truly fantastic ensemble. “I love the empowerment and confidence a great outfit can bring a woman to feel positive about herself. A good outfit can change your whole outlook on your day,” says Viehman.

Owning the best consignment boutique in town isn’t easy, but in Miranda’s case it is a family affair! Viehman has the support of her parents, Andrew and Rebecca, as well as her younger siblings, Mallory, Mason and Marissa. Even their cockapoo, Miley, will be pleased to greet you at the door of the shop! Every day is like Christmas morning as the UPS man arrives to deliver new merchandise to consider and display. You just might find yourself caught up in the contagious energy of youth while being comforted by the calming efficiency of professionalism that defines Miranda Viehman. She’d love to help you feel more confident and prepared to take on that project or center stage. There’s no doubt you’ll end your visit looking into the mirror and saying, “Hello, Gorgeous!

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